A Tool for Precision Bow Rehairing    


The Bow Hair Bender is a tool designed to dramatically increase the accuracy and ease of a critical step in the bow rehair process. It takes the place of the traditional 'bending stick' with a precision unknown until now. It is beautifully designed and made as you would expect from an artisan with a lifetime in the craft and having done over 22,000 rehairs.


"Lucy, you got some 'Splainin to do" ~ Ricky Ricardo  

Within the process of rehairing a bow there is a critical step where the artisan folds the wetted ribbon of horsehair around a 'bending stick' to simulate its final position around the plug. While in this folded position the artisan ties a knot around the ribbon of hair to adjust for it's bending distortion and to secure it's length, width and straightness. Without this process the hair ribbon could not be tightened to even tension.

The traditional technique of wrapping the hair ribbon around a 'bending stick' is both finicky and imprecise and at best crudely approximates the bend. When rehairing violin or viola bows the process is difficult, with cello bows even harder and with bass bow rehairs the process is near impossible. Until now no mechanical tool existed that does this job. But now there is!

 "To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk." Thomas Edison  

The Bow Hair Bender is a compound compression clamp mathmaticaly designed to hold the hair in a flat ribbon precisely to the correct width and thickness needed per instrument and then with the drop down bar hold the hair perfectly to a 90° angle thus mimicing the hair placement around the plug and thereby creating a level of accuracy that cannot be achieved by using the traditional 'bending stick' method.

The Bow Hair Bender is the ultimate tool for precision bow rehairing.






  The Bow Hair Bender is designed for tip end tying. It can still be used for those who tie at the frog end. The differences are slight but the clamp is designed to accommodate the thinner end of the hair taper. If there is demand I will make additional models.

  It can be held comfortably in the right hand for one-handed operation. A left handed version can be had by special order.

  The hair channel, mathmatically designed, automatically adjusts for the correct width of the plug based upon the amount of hair used. A guide for the correct hair volume is included.

  It is made in two sizes, the small size to accommodate violin and viola bows and the large size made for cello and bass bows. They can be purchased as a pair or individually.

●  The Bow Hair Bender requires no adjustments or maintenance.

  These clamps are made by me alone in my workshop. I use machine tools and hand work to achieve the precision and finish that I desire. Each component of every clamp requires many processes and much time to complete hence the price I ask for them.

  The Bow Hair Bender is patented in the United States of America.



The Bow Hair Bender is dedicated to my wife, Harriet, for whom  it was originally made.

“Where a new invention promises to be useful, it ought to be tried.” – Thomas Jefferson

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