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A Violin bow by Donald M. Cohen


Tiger-striped Pernambuco with a silver mounted ebony frog

60.0 grams

74.0 centimeters


Probably one of the prettiest and most perfect bows that I have made, this bow marks the beginning of a new head style, one that is designed in a way to unite the elements frog geometry to head geometry with a sense of proportion and beauty, not unlike the design techniques used to create a violin scroll. Though this head style  is reminiscent of the works of Pajeot it is not a copy at all, it is my own creation, one which I am continuing to evolve.

This bow has a feminine characteristic in so much as it embodies warm colors, gentle curvatures and angularity and it produces a varied and delicate sound pallet. It is of moderate stiffness and not lacking anywhere.

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