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Violin, Viola, Cello Bows

(includes tax) 


$  72.50

Black & Stallion Mix

$  62.00

Cinnamon gray   or Butterscotch

$   60.25


$   59.25

Bass Bows


$   77.50

Black & Stallion Mix

$   73.75

Cinnamon gray or Butterscotch

$   64.25


$   61.75


Student bows 3/4 size or smaller

$  55.00

Lengthen or shorten rehair from another shop

$   20.00

Replug bow from another shop

$   20.00

Rewedge bow other from another shop

$   10.00

Same Day Rehairs 9:00~1:00   Tuesday  ~ Friday

I have rehaired over 17,000 bows in my career. It is a delicate craft in which I apply my full skills, experience and knowledge. As a former violinist I understand the subtlety of what a musician needs. I speak the language. As an experienced conservator I treat bows with utmost care and respect. I work accurately and quickly to protect their condition and value.

For a  standard artisan rehair I use the best quality horsehair available.  The hair is hand sorted  and graded. It is then gently washed to remove any remaining detergents, other chemicals or dirt which may hinder performance. The precious metal parts are cleaned and hand polished. For the removal of deep tarnish I use a combination of electrolysis and ultrasound in a unique proprietorial process. Bow sticks are lightly French polished where needed and otherwise polished with museum quality wax. The screw and eyelet are cleaned and lubricated and the fit of the frog checked and adjusted when needed. At the end of the rehairing process the bow is rosined rosin unless directed otherwise by the customer. Bows left overnight are locked in my safe within my fully insured and electronically protected shop for your added protection.

With over 30 years of experience, I can further advise you on the best ways to preserve you bow as a tool and as an investment, within a budget that fits your needs

The horsehair I use is a natural  product. It can vary in quality from one shipment to the next or from one supplier to the next. Therefore I have several suppliers worldwide and stock the following hair when available.

  • STALLION - MONGOLIA       A prime quality natural white hair originating from the Mongolian and China borders. It has excellent strength, consistent diameter and natural taper.
  • STALLION - MONGOLIA/SIBERIA/TIBET     Another prime quality natural white hair originating for the far north western regions of China and Russia.
  • ULAN WILD       A Mongolian hair of coarser quality especially well suited for use on Viola and Cello bows.
  • ARGENTINE     From the mountainous regions of the country. It is the coarsest white hair of good quality and my recommendation for use on Cello and Bass bows
  • CANADIAN     Like the Argentine horsehair it's coarse quailty makes it best suitable for Cello and Bass bows.
  • " BUTTERSCOTCH, CINNAMON GREY,  NATURAL  BROWN" Named for their colors, this Chinese horsehair originates from Inner Mongolia region and are often the choice of Bass players.
  • SALT & PEPPER #1     My personal mix of ARGENTINE and BLACK hair, mixed in equal parts.
  • SALT & PEPPER #2   Chinese origin probably Inner Mongolia. Natural coloration.
  • BLACK   Chinese origin  from  various  locations. Generally a strong and coarse hair.

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