Anne-Sophie Mutter “Thank you so much for the beautiful bows one of them I would very much like to keep.” ( 3 additional commissions followed )

Slava RostropovichJust played your bow in Chicago and Cleveland. It is perfect in every respect. Thank you congratulations best wishes."

Daniel Mueller-Schott “I’m just back from Israel, where I played Dvorak Concerto with the Israel Symphony Orchestra…and your bow! It has wonderful and projecting sound.”

Alexander Kerr “Thank you for your incredible artistry, it has certainly helped mine."

Etienne Vatelot " Master architier, with great admiration."

Destiny Ann Mermagen "And I can't thank you enough for making the PERFECT BOW that I am so in love with! It's just so great!!!!!! I've been practicing now for 8 hours plus, loving it!"

Sir Yehudi Menuhin “Your work is beautiful, and I know it will continue to bring my colleagues and myself much joy.”

Joel Smirnoff “I have been happier using your bow in the Juilliard Quartet than any other bow I have ever played in the group. BRAVISSIMO!”

David Soyer “I’m very pleased with it & find it to be the best modern bow I have played.”

Bonnie Rideout " Thank you for your fine care of my bow."

Robert Mann “Your bow is a joy to have and play."

Jody Gatwood " We are lucky to have you in Washington. Thank you for your superior craftsmanship."

Alex Boatright  " The check is in the mail. Couldn't be happier   with the bow. I called in sick to work and have  been playing all morning.  Thank you again!!"


and more

To the connoisseurs, collectors, dealers and musicians who own my bows, I am greatful for your support and always remain dedicated to your service.


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