Bows Sold With My Certification

Bows sold with a Donald M. Cohen, LLC certificate are sold with a limited warranty. If the purchaser receives the written opinion of any competent authority mutually acceptable to Donald M. Cohen, LLC and the purchaser that the bow is not a genuine work of the maker specified for such bow as recorded on the sales receipt and certificate and notifies Donald M. Cohen, LLC in writing and delivers such notice together with the bow such that both the notice and bow are received Donald M. Cohen, LLC within 12 months after the close of sale. Donald M. Cohen, LLC will refund the purchase price paid in full and refund the certification fee paid up to $ 500.00. The inability of a mutually accepted authority to express a definite opinion is not grounds for the return of a bow. Nor will any bow will be accepted for return if it has been damaged or altered in any way. Donald M. Cohen, LLC retains the right to resubmit the bow on the buyer’s behalf for reconsideration.

Bows Sold With Other Certification

Bows sold which are accompanied by an expert certificates dated within the past ten years of the sale date, are sold “as is” and in accordance with the description on the certificate. Such bows may not be returned for any reason, including but not limited to a contrary certificate of opinion obtained after the sale.

Bows Sold Without Certification

Bows sold without any certificate are sold “as is” and in no event shall Donald M. Cohen, LLC be deemed to have made any representation or warranty, express or implied, with respect to the maker, origin or condition of any bow.


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